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Maeve Sheridan

ACPAT Chartered Physiotherapist

Bsc Physio PG Dip Vet Physio


I have had on-going problems with my back for several years. Over time I found I could ride less and less effectively and the poor movement in my body had a negative effect on my horse's comfort and blocked his movement. Despite receiving regular treatment from various physiotherapists I was becoming more and more painful and was afraid that I would soon no longer be able to ride at all. At this point I made my first appointment with Maeve and within a few sessions I already felt a marked improvement and now a few more months down the line and despite a few setbacks the improvement in my comfort level and effectiveness has been phenomenal. I believe it made a massive difference having a physiotherapist who has specific knowledge about riding and our effects on our horses. I am hugely indebted to Maeve for helping me enjoy my sport once again

Jade Allison, Edinburgh

Emma Dalley & ManniI have a big 17.2h heavy hunter called Manni, he's nearly 8 and I have in the last year started pushing him a bit harder in his work now that he's fully mature. I noticed that very occasionally he can get a little stiff from behind but never to the point of being lame. It was just something that didn't feel quite right. So after numerous recommendations from friends and having watched Maeve work on other horses, I decided to let her take a look and see if she could find anything.

Maeve came out and did a thorough examination of Manni and quickly picked up that he was slightly underdeveloped on one side at his haunches and this was restricting his ability to fully come under himself and causing tightness. She treated him accordingly and was confident that I would see results even after one treatment. I am a bit of a sceptic with these kinds of treatments but I can safely say that I have seen a real improvement in Manni's balance, bend, collection and willingness since the treatment. I had a jumping lesson from a new instructor a few weeks after treatment and he commented on how supple and light he was for such a big horse and he was really using his big rear engine to get up in the air. Its an amazing feeling, which I think Maeve has helped to unlock.

I've had another follow up treatment with Maeve since and again you could see the discomfort was reduced and the way he could perform the various stretches Maeve carried out at the end of the session was really very impressive. He also seems pretty happy with the results too, he was eager to go forward and show how free he feels after both sessions. I would recommend Maeve to anyone who wants to ensure their horse is working to their maximum potential. A few sessions really can make all the difference and in my view is money well spent.

Thank you Maeve!

Emma Dalley and Manni

I have used regular physio for my horse for some time now, to make sure he's in the best possible shape to do the increased work we're asking of him, working on the principle that prevention is better than cure. But I had only used physio for myself when I was injured. However working with Maeve has helped me maximise my performance too, by helping me be able to be as straight and balanced as I can even when there's no specific injury to be treated, just a little niggle or perhaps a feeling I'm not quite sitting as straight as I could be. There's not a lot of point asking my horse to be straight if I'm the one bringing crooked to the partnership! I've noticed a real improvement, especially in our lateral work, and now a regular "tune up" for me as important as the session for the horse.

Thanks Maeve.

Helen Bowman, dressage rider trainer and judge, West Lothian

I was recently given the opportunity to get a rider assessment and treatment from Maeve to hopefully uncover any cheats and imbalances that may be affecting my riding. I had no idea what was in store for me as I drove to Maeve's clinic on a cold January afternoon. However, I found Maeve to be friendly and open, a good start. She chatted about the difficulties in treating horses who show improvements and then represent with the same problems once ridden work is resumed. She realised that on watching the horses be ridden, the riders were often unbalanced and completely unaware of the affects their asymmetry had on their horses. Maeve is a highly professional Chartered Physiotherapist, but she had found a problem and used that as an incentive to continue her education. She trained further to learn a treatment that uncovers weaknesses and identifies the cheats that we use to compensate. I was put through tests that included strength and balance assessments, then the work began. She used pressure to release spasms and reactivate muscle groups that weren't working properly. The results were incredible, and instant. At my mature age, I felt, erroneously, that I already knew everything that I was going to know, but having had two treatments with Maeve, I am simply delighted to say, that she has the skill to make a real difference.

I would recommend that all riders should go for assessments like this for the sake of their horses.

I felt a huge difference in walking and breathing, strength levels were effortlessly higher. It's wonderful to experience a boost in power and balance when you didn't realise you had a problem. My stallion, Golondrino certainly felt the difference. He moved straighter and softer as a response to what I can only imagine was my having better balance and not blocking him unintentionally.

My only regret is that Maeve lives so far from me, but I will be going back every 4 or 5 months for a reassessment. Well worth the journey!

Bozena Bienkowska, written in April 2012 edition of Equi-Ads

SarraMayberryI find that physiotherapy is an important factor in keeping my eventers physically and mentally ready and willing to perform. Maeve is an integral part of my back up team, whether it is bringing horses back from injury or ensuring that the advanced horses are ready to go out and compete at their best.

Sarra Mayberry, Eventer

In dressage horses need to be both supple and strong to perform precise movements. If they have any restriction, stiffness or weakness it can drastically afffect their performance. I have found physiotherapy to be extremely beneficial in optimising and maintaining performance in my competition horses and to help those recovering from injury.

Joy MacLean, Dressage Rider, Trainer and Judge.

Having had lameness issues with my horse Fred for over two years and being in and out of various equine hospitals, I had drawn a blank as to what was wrong with him. After moving to Edinburgh I thought I would give physiotherapy a try. On meeting Maeve we had an assessment, and five or six sessions later, I can honestly say that Fred is looking sounder and fitter than I have ever seen him.  If Maeve hadn't helped us, Fred would have been retired now but instead we are fittening him up for summer hacking :)  Thanks for everything.

Paula Wilkinson and Fred

After feeling the benefit myself of physiotherapy, I decided to treat my horse Robbie to some physio before bringing him into harder work after a long time off recovering from a damaged right fore suspensory ligament. Maeve had been recommended by someone at the same yard so I gave her a call. On arrival Maeve watched Robbie walk and trot in hand and on the lunge. She diagnosed restriction and tightness in his back and shoulders, especially his right side. After the first treatment Maeve assessed Robbie's movements again and there was a noticeable improvement. He was moving much better than before, really using himself through his back and looking happier. The next day I schooled him and it was like he had found another gear, fabulous! We had two more treatments after that in a 6 week period. On the third treatment Robbie knew what was coming and you could see he was really enjoying the entire experience and relaxed right into it. Maeve used a machine that works deep into the muscles through the motor nerves and it's amazing to watch a massive muscle moving during the treatment. I would highly recommend Maeve to anyone that wants to make their horse feel better within themselves and improve their horse’s performance.

Ann Hosea and Robbie

Maeve was recommended to me through a friend who described her as extremely approachable and professional so I thought I would give her a go. I event my 8 year old Belgian warmblood, Hugo, and as part of our training regime I regularly use hill work to keep him fit. Hugo had begin to be unsettled when descending steep hills and unwilling to keep straight with regular tail swishing which was not usual in his behaviour. Luckily Maeve was undeterred by his size (17.2hh) and was quick in ascertaining a slight shortness in stride behind and tightness in one side of his back. After the treatment, with the most discomfort to Hugo being drips of water coming down his back, his stride had visibly improved. The acid test was in trying to descend the hill again and I am happy to report Hugo was no longer uncomfortable and displaying any of the “unusual” behaviour. In addition, Maeve has given me some simple exercises to carry out on Hugo prior to and after exercise which should help him remain pain free. I will now include a physiotherapy session with Maeve at the beginning and end of every event season to keep Hugo feeling tip top.

Sam Eaton and Hugo

Due to a suspensory ligament problem Acorn, a 22 year old highland, was on box rest for six months. At the end of this period he was incredibly stiff and was dragging his back legs. On veterinary advice, I arranged physiotherapy for him with Maeve. After a few sessions there was a vast improvement in his mobility and he is now able to enjoy his retirement in a much more comfortable condition with the occasional physiotherapy session. I would highly recommend Maeve to anyone wishing to improve their horse's movement and quality of life.

Liz Day and Acorn

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